Meister 1961 Trumpet


Classic American sound.

In close collaboration with Prof. Jack Burt, this exciting new series of Schagerl trumpet was built to honour the classic American trumpet sound.

Offering a rich, vibrant sound, resonant and clear, the 1961 trumpets feature remarkably smooth and even response in all registers, the hallmark of all Schagerl trumpets. 

The 1961 name delivers a nod to the heyday of the classic American orchestral trumpet sound.


Specifications below:



Schagerl Meister 1961 Trumpet Bb

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bell: 123mm / 0.50mm / Yellow Brass
  •  Valve Section: .460″ / ML
  • Leadpipe: Yellow Brass / Nickel Silver

“The Schagerl Meister 1961 trumpet models are ‘dead, solid perfect’, ‘straight down the middle’ American style trumpets: Clear, rich, focused, liquid and brilliant. Yet, more – they play with a greater flexibility and response, free-blowing and beautiful with just the right amount of resistance. They are a joy to play.”

- Dr. Jack Burt 

(Professor of Trumpet - University of Maine School of Performing Arts)

Capture your style.

The Schagerl 1961 Bb Trumpet is available in five eye-catching finishes: