Pushing the boundaries of possible.

For decades the instrument of choice for the finest musicians throughout mainland Europe,

Schagerl Rotary Instruments can now be heard in the best concert halls throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Australasia.

Schagerl’s craftsmen draw upon extensive new research and design, coupled with traditional brass manufacturing principles, to create horns which meet the demands of the world’s most discerning players. 

The construction of our bells gives Meister rotaries unrivalled tonal depth - from luscious warmth in soft passages, to scintillating brilliance in the loudest musical moments. 

Meister leadpipes are carefully designed to create a balanced feel, precise response and superb intonation. Meticulous attention to detail in the construction of our rotary valves means that Schagerl instruments have a wonderful fluidity in lyrical playing, as well as the most smooth and reliable valve action.

In addition to traditional-style instruments, our innovative collaboration with virtuosi like Thomas Gansch and James Morrison has led to the creation of new Schagerl hybrid horns, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a rotary instrument.

 Meet possible.

Meet Schagerl.

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Piston Vs Rotary

What is the difference between a piston trumpet and a rotary trumpet? 

Piston valve trumpets are the instrument of choice for most trumpeters throughout
the world. They employ a longer leadpipe (around 12 inches) and a larger bore than rotary trumpets, giving them tremendous power and a more uniform tone across the dynamic range.


Rotary trumpets, the choice of most Austrian/German musicians, feature a smaller bore and shorter leadpipe (around 5 - 6 inches) which enters directly into the valve block. This design gives rotaries great sensitivity and response. 


This, in combination with a larger bell flare, allows rotary trumpets a greater range of tonal colours: from mellow, warm pianos to searing, white-hot fortissimos.


Finally, the shorter action of rotary valves allows for a more fluid connection between notes, making Schagerl rotary trumpets the best trumpets for lyrical playing.


Made in Austria