Meister Berlin Rotary Trumpet in C


Perfect balance.

This Schagerl Meister Berlin Rotary Trumpet has been proudly developed in close collaboration with Gábor Tarkövi (Solo Trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic). 

Perfectly balanced, the Schagerl Berlin Trumpet is free-blowing with a dark, projecting sound.

Gábor Tarkövi’s trumpet, the Schagerl Berlin Rotary, is the ideal symphonic trumpet and is favoured by professional and amateur orchestral musicians throughout the world.

Specifications below.


"The Berlin Bb and C trumpets play very easily, have a bright, brilliant sound paired with excellent intonation.

The Heavy models also have an easy response, are slightly brighter in sound, and convey the ideal feel for orchestral musicians.

Gábor Tarkövi


  • Schagerl Meister Berlin Rotary Trumpet in C

  • Tuning: C

  • Bell: 130mm / 0.45mm Gold Brass

  • Valve Section: Conical: ML / Heavy; Cylindrical: L / Heavy

  • Leadpipe: Yellow Brass / Sterling Silver / Gold Brass
  • Available in Gold Finish or Silver Finish


Introduced first in 1989, Schagerl Meister Series Trumpets are world renowned for being the highest quality handmade orchestral trumpets available.

These distinctive Schagerl trumpets have a dark, Germanic-Viennese sound with superb intonation, projection and power. 

Traditional craftsmanship, design innovation and knowledge of brass instrument acoustics have made Schagerl instruments the first choice of elite musicians worldwide.
Schagerl Meister Trumpets are also custom made to serve the needs and desires of the most discerning musicians in the world.