Apredato Mouthpieces

The mouthpiece, revolutionised.

Known for providing the most innovative musical instruments to the brass players of the world, Schagerl are proud to announce the release of their revolutionary new mouthpiece,

Schagerl Apredato. 

With input from Hans Gansch (former Principal Trumpet, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) and Thorsten Benkenstein (Lead Trumpet, NDR Big Band Hamburg), the starting point for the development of this mouthpiece was the desire of many trumpeters to darken the sound of their instrument without having to make alterations to their usual mouthpiece.

The design of the Schagerl Apredato appears completely solid, however, unlike heavyweight mouthpieces from other manufacturers that are often difficult to play, the Apredato is wonderfully light. No longer must the musician contend with additional resistance! 

Schagerl Apredato Mouthpieces use water, which is not as heavy as brass. The weight of the mouthpiece can be varied to suit each player’s needs. To achieve this ground-breaking mouthpiece, extensive testing took place at the Schagerl workshop until the final version was created. 

The casing of the Apredato is specially coated on the inside to prevent corrosion and is sealed with rubber.

The sound of the Apredato is darker and more resonant compared to a normal mouthpiece of the same size, and is equally at home in the big band or on the symphony stage. 

Apredato mouthpieces are available in all common sizes or, as a special order, Schagerl can convert your own special mouthpiece into an Apredato setup. 

Schagerl Apredato Mouthpieces are used by some of the world’s finest professional brass players and are available in a variety of stunning finishes to capture your style.

Discover Apredato Finishes below.


"What you have is an inner mouthpiece with a waterjacket around it, stopping all the vibrations from leaving the mouthpiece.

But what does it mean to the player?

What it means is a feeling of great response. The energy I put into the instrument, I get back - there is none wasted.  This means the energy you're putting into the instrument is going through the instrument and becoming sound, not being wasted making the mouthpiece vibrate." 

- James Morrison


Capture your style.

Schagerl Apredato mouthpieces are available to suit every player.

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