Meister Spyder Rotary Trumpet


A different beast.

At a glance, the new Schagerl Spyder hybrid rotary trumpet might appear similar to the  ever-popular Ganschhorn but do not be mistaken. This is a completely different beast! 

The Spyder is nimble with lightning-fast response and a unique, projecting voice - this trumpet is suited to solos, chamber music, or small group jazz. 

Warm and fluffy in the low register, but with a sizzling upper register, playing the Schagerl Spyder is… fun! 

Meet Precision. 

Meet Schagerl Spyder.

Specifications and Finishes below.


"The Spyder is my primary tool for soloist and small group work. Its sound and projection is perfect for one-trumpet ensembles, like chamber music, small jazz groups, and recording sessions.

The intonation is excellent, the tone is warm and consistent, and the looks are as unique as the music I hope to play on it."

- Gileno Santana


Schagerl Meister Spyder Rotary Trumpet

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bell: 130mm / 0.45mm Gold Brass
  • Valve Section: Light
  • Leadpipe: Yellow Brass

Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Spyder Rotary Trumpet is available in five stunning, eye-catching finishes:

Brushed Silver with Gold


Vintage Matte with Gold


Matte Lacquer with Gold


Vintage Gloss with Gold