Meister Hans Gansch Rotary Trumpet


Packs a punch.

Developed with Hans Gansch, Professor at Salzburg Mozarteum, former Vienna Philharmonic, this Schagerl Meister trumpet packs a punch. 

A trumpet for strong players, the Hans Gansch Signature model balances power with lyricism and flexibility.

The Hans Gansch Rotary Trumpet is available in two models:

Heavy - Darker tone with great carrying power.
Bell size: 137 mm

Light - Reduced weight and brighter, more elegant sound.
Bell size: 130 mm


Specifications & Finishes below.


"This trumpet is powerful; it packs a punch, but is also flexible and lyrical. I love the feel one gets playing it. It’s a trumpet for strong, mature players and is intended for professional players, or those who want to become one.

If you find the tone darker than your taste, you can choose to equip the horn with a more conventionally sized bell (130 mm). I play the larger bell (137mm) because I prefer a horn with a well-defined resistance.

The Light is a bit brighter, a bit more elegant and plays a bit easier. The Heavy is a trumpet with a lot of resistance and is not an easy horn to play - it's "for big boys only!", I have always preferred playing a big, heavy instrument."

Hans Gansch


Schagerl Meister Hans Gansch Rotary Trumpet

  • Tuning: Bb

  • Bell: 130 or 137mm / 0.50mm Gold Brass

  • Valve Section: L or L Heavy

  • Leadpipe: Yellow Brass

  • Available in Light or Heavy


Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Hans Gansch Rotary Trumpet is available in two classic finishes:

Heavy in Gold


Light in Gold


Heavy in Silver


Light in Silver