Meister Killer Queen Flugelhorn


The Killer Queen.

The Killer Queen flugelhorn was created in collaboration with Mnozil Brass star trumpeter Thomas Gansch. Like the Ganschhorn, the Schagerl Meister Killer Queen represents a unique symbiosis of the best attributes of both rotary and piston valve instruments. 

The Killer Queen’s response is more immediate than that of a conventional flugelhorn, and the sound is warm and yet still projects beautifully. The Killer Queen is the perfect instrument for soloists and flugelhorn fans! 

Meet Royalty. 

Meet the Killer Queen.


Specifications & Finishes below.


"After my first concerts playing with the new Flugelhorn Killer Queen, I am amazed how easy it is to play and what a great sound it has, even in the lower register.

 It is the best Schagerl Flügelhorn I have ever had."

- Thomas Gansch


Schagerl Meister Killer Queen Flugelhorn

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bell: 150mm / 0.5mm Gold Brass
  • Valve Section: 10.6mm / Vertical
  • Leadpipe: Nickel Silver

Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Killer Queen Flugelhorn is available in nine incredible, eye-catching finishes: