Meister Berlin Piccolo Trumpet


The professional’s piccolo.

The Berlin piccolo is the instrument of choice for the professional orchestral or solo player.

A stunning addition to the Schagerl Meister lineup, the Berlin Piccolo Trumpet excels in tonal sweetness, as well as remarkable projection. This Schagerl Piccolo Trumpet sounds as stunning as it looks. 

The leadpipe and bell designs allow for a wonderfully precise response and superb intonation. 

The Berlin Piccolo’s trigger mechanism allows for exacting pitch adjustments to be made ‘on the fly’.

The Schagerl Berlin Piccolo Trumpet is the ideal piccolo for soloists or orchestral musicians.

Specifications & Finishes below.


"The Berlin Piccolo is an instrument that I don’t want to let go of. It really catches the eye!

The sound and intonation are very even, and the tone speaks easily. The trigger makes tuning easy in any situation.

The “Berlin” is exceptionally pleasant to play, and speaks so clearly and directly. It lays well in the hand, and is easy to tune.

Jürgen Ellensohn


Meister Berlin Piccolo Rotary Trumpet

  • Tuning: Bb/A

  • Bell: 100mm Gold Brass / 0.40mm

  • Bore: 10.50mm

  • Leadpipe: Nickel Silver


Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Berlin Piccolo Trumpet is available in four beautiful finishes:

Raw Brass