Schagerl Hans Gansch Rotary Flugelhorn


Ultimate control.

This new rotary flugelhorn was developed in conjunction with professional trumpeter, and our long-time friend, Hans Gansch (Professor at Salzburg Mozarteum, former Vienna Philharmonic). This Schagerl flugelhorn is a stunning Meister instrument with excellent intonation and a warm, round, and lively sound. 

A free-blowing instrument, with just the right amount of resistance, the Hans Gansch Flugelhorn allows the player to always be in control.The precision-made valve block ensures responsiveness and flexibility.

Extremely adaptable and feels ‘at home’ in all playing situations - brass band, folk music, symphonic brass ensemble, or orchestra -. In particular, the easy response in the high register makes the Schagerl Hans Gansch the finest Flugelhorn for polka, waltz, and band music. 

Specifications & Finishes below.


In 2021, to honour our company founder Karl Schagerl Sr. in celebration of our 60th anniversary, we are proud to have worked again with our most important advisor and longtime friend, Prof. Hans Gansch, to develop and present a new flügelhorn. 

One of our young, talented instrument makers, Johannes Osztovics created a masterpiece as the basis for this new model. After practical tests with Hans Gansch, small improvements were then made and carried out with the cooperation of master Robert Schagerl.


Schagerl Hans Gansch Rotary Flugelhorn 

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bell: 155mm / 0.45mm Gold Brass
  • Valve Section:10.85mm
  • Leadpipe: Gold Brass

Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Hans Gansch Rotary Flugelhorn is available in three stunning finishes: