Meister Reweni Trumpet


A world of possibilities.

The Schagerl Raweni is a hybrid trumpet offering the kind of flexibility required by one of the world’s most unique virtuosos, James Morrison. Designed in partnership with the Australian jazz trumpeter, the Raweni’s rotary valves provide smooth, fluid response during fast passages, while a full-length, piston trumpet-style leadpipe allows for incredible power and projection. 

Beautifully warm and almost flugel-like when played softly, the Raweni trumpet also ‘lights up’ in louder dynamics. This remarkable breadth of tonal possibilities makes the Schagerl Meister Raweni Rotary Trumpet a stunning choice for jazz and solo work. 

The unique wrap of the Raweni allows it to be held like a piston trumpet, making mute work and other performance techniques that are not easily achieved on a conventional rotary trumpet possible.    


"The design comes from my wish to have a rotary valve instrument due to the different articulation you get compared to piston valves. I find the rotary sound more precise and there is a smaller ‘dead spot’ between when you push the valve and when the next note comes out clearly. This is particularly noticeable when playing quickly in the upper register (something I like to do).

Although it looks a bit like a cornet, it is definitely a trumpet. The cornet-like appearance is due to the fact that the rotors needed to be placed low (increasing the vertical dimension) and this led to a decreased horizontal length – like a cornet. But as far as the tubing goes, this is all trumpet. 

The valve actuators, which look like pistons, were placed on top so the instrument can be played with one hand. I need this for various reasons, including using a plunger mute, playing piano at the same time, and conducting a big band whilst playing. It means the Raweni is played ‘upright’ like a piston trumpet, rather than on its side like most rotary trumpets."

- James Morrison



Schagerl Meister Raweni Rotary Trumpet Bb

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bell: / 0,50mm Yellow Brass
  • Valve Section: L
  • Lead Pipe: Yellow Brass

Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Raweni Rotary Trumpet is available in six eye-catching finishes:

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