Schagerl 800 Flugelhorn


Meticulously designed.

We believe the Schagerl 800 is the best flugelhorn for students, school bands, or the amateur ‘doubler’. 

The traditional small wrap and gold brass bell provide a light, mellow sound that is slightly brighter and more projecting than the warmer-sounding 850 Flugelhorn, which features a rose brass bell.  

Intonation and response is secure, especially above the staff where many flugelhorns falter. The fast and quiet third slide trigger allows for fine tuning adjustments in the low register. This is the ideal first flugelhorn for any player.


Specifications below.



Schagerl Bb 800 Flugelhorn

  • Product code: SLFL800
  • Key: Bb
  • 160mm Gold Brass Bell
  • 3rd Slide Trigger
  • Includes Mouthpiece & Case 
  • Lacquered Finish