900S 4-Valve Baritone Horn


For the discerning player.

The Schagerl 4-valve Baritone Horn is an advanced baritone for students, intermediate horn players, or brass bands. 

The modern wrap and bell flare creates a rich, projecting tone quality that is an important part of today’s brass bands. 

Intonation and response are excellent, while highly durable stainless steel valves provide fast, smooth, and quiet valve action, allowing players to meet the virtuosic demands of modern band music. 

The additional fourth valve (in a 3+1 setup) gives the SLBH900S baritone tremendous range and provides alternative valve combinations for the discerning player.

Specifications below.



Schagerl 4-Valve Baritone Horn

  • Product Code: SLBH900S
  • Key: Bb
  • 4 Stainless Steel Pistons (3+1 Configuration)
  • Mouthpiece & Moulded ABS Case Included
  • Silver Plated Finish