800S3-Valve 3/4 Tuba in Eb


A must-have.

The Schagerl Compact Tuba is the perfect ¾ size tuba for students, schools, or community bands. The SLEB800S has a rich, projecting tone quality that is sought-after by educators and band directors across Australia.

Intonation and response are excellent, and the compact design allows many hours of comfortable playing for even the most petite tubists. Durable stainless steel valves provide fast, smooth, and reliable valve action. 

The moulded ABS case with built-in wheels makes the Schagerl Compact Tuba easy to transport. This is a must-have tuba for students, parents, and schools. 

Specifications below.


“The Schagerl 800S Tuba is the easiest Eb bass I have ever played across any brand, in any era.”


- James Morrison


Schagerl 3-Valve Compact 3/1 Tuba Eb - Silver

  • Product code: SLEB800S
  • Key: Eb
  • 3/4 Size, compact design
  • 3 Top Action Stainless Steel Pistons
  • ABS case with built-in wheels
  • Mouthpiece included
  • Silver Plated Finish