James Morrison 4-Valve Euphonium



The large bore of the Silver Plated Schagerl James Morrison Euphonium creates the ultimate rich, warm euphonium tone. The SLEPJMS is the perfect euphonium for more advanced students, amateurs, or ensembles. 

Intonation and response are excellent, and the durable stainless steel valves provide fast, smooth and quiet valve action, allowing players to meet the virtuosic demands of modern band music. 

The additional fourth valve (in a 3+1 setup) gives this Schagerl euphonium tremendous range and provides alternative valve combinations for the discerning player. 

With additional premium touches, like a third slide water key and stunning gold plated trim, we are proud to present a beautiful euphonium which deserves to bear the name, James Morrison.

Specifications below.


“The ease of playing is stunning. The Schagerl euphonium exceeds my expectations. It is beautifully in tune and the sound you can get out of it, and how it feels to play, is fantastic.

I just can’t put it down!”

- James Morrison


Schagerl James Morrison 4- Valve Euphonium

  • Product Code: SLEPJMS
  • Key: Bb
  • 4 Stainless Steel Pistons (3+1 Configuration)
  • Large Bore
  • Additional Third Slide Water Key
  • Large Shank Mouthpiece &  ABS Case Included
  • Silver Plated Finish
  • Gold Plated Trim