Meister Aurora Alto Trombone


The Goddess of Dawn.

Creating an alto trombone that would sound full and sonorous in spite of its small size, the artisans at Schagerl have achieved the seemingly impossible.

The Aurora was developed drawing on the tremendous expertise of Otmar Gaiswinkler and Wolfgang Pfistermüller of the Vienna Symphoniker. As a result of this wonderful collaboration, the Aurora Alto Trombone sounds and feels remarkably open, yet offers tremendous response and an unrestricted upper register.

Specifications below.


"The Schagerl Aurora alto trombone sounds as its namesake – the goddess of dawn, effortlessly bringing a shining, golden warmth to the world."

Gold-plated and with a gold-brass bell, the Aurora offers almost perfect intonation, which is very rare for an alto trombone.

The instrument is made from one piece of tubing with no tuning slide, which makes for a pure continuous airflow and almost flawless overtones. I can even reach a double high C on it!

The absence of a tuning slide means the trombone slide is slightly heavier than others, but a trombone weighing only 1.5 kg is no problem for me.

I have tried instruments from many different companies, but I can truly say this is the BEST alto trombone I have ever played! Thank you Schagerl!”.

- Zoltan Kiss - Mnozil Brass


 Schagerl Meister Aurora Alto Trombone

  • Tuning: Eb

  • Slide: Tuning on Slide

  • Bell: Gold Brass