Meister Aurora Rizzotto Tenor Trombone


A new dimension.

Designed in cooperation with and named after Prof. Giuliano Rizzotto, this unique Schagerl tenor trombone adds a new dimension to the Aurora Trombone series.

The altered wrap, custom bracing, and counterweights offer the discerning player a slightly different feel and response to the standard Aurora tenor.

From orchestral work to chamber and solo music, the Meister Aurora Rizzotto Tenor Trombone is a delight to play.


Specifications Below.


“The Schagerl-Aurora 'Rizzotto' Model trombone has always, from the very first moment, given me great satisfaction in all types of playing, whether it be orchestra, chamber music or solos, and still does. It is a wonderful instrument. I just love it!”

Giuliano Rizzotto

Principal Trombone Orchestra Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi di Milano




Schagerl Meister Aurora Rizzotto Tenor Trombone

  • Tuning: Bb/F

  • Bore: 14.1mm

  • Bell: 220mm Gold Brass

  • Slide: 13.9mm

  • Available in Clear Lacquer