Meister Kissbone X Tenor Trombone


Brilliant sound.

Designed with Zoltan Kiss of Mnozil Brass, the Meister Kissbone X Tenor Trombone boasts brilliant sound quality, perfect intonation, and is free blowing across all registers.

The figure 8 design of the F attachment functions as a superhighway for the air stream, being especially advantageous for low register playing.

The Schagerl Kissbone X offers a rich tonal palette with the harmonics it produces, and gives the versatility that is essential for playing in a group.


Specifications and Finishes below.


"Every musician dreams of playing on an instrument designed perfectly to suit their needs.

I envisioned a trombone that would produce a brilliant sound quality, had perfect intonation and was free blowing across all registers.

Together with the Schagerl company, I designed the Kissbone X , incorporating features which enable me to not only play powerfully, but soft and tenderly with smooth and easy legato.

I chose a combination of vintage lacquer and gold plating for my Kissbone X, making this already outstanding instrument as attractive to the eye as it is to the ear.

Thank you Schagerl, I couldn’t have asked for a better instrument!"

- Zoltan Kiss,

Mnozil Brass


Schagerl Meister Kissbone X Tenor Trombone

  • Bell: 220mm / Gold Brass

  • Bore: 14.2mm

  • Slide: 13.9mm


Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister Kissbone X Tenor Trombone is available in four eye-catching finishes:

Clear Lacquer

Kissbone clear_lacquer

Gold with Silver


Vintage Matte


Vintage Gloss