Meister James Morrison Superbone


Play anything.

The Schagerl James Morrison Superbone is a unique and stunning trombone designed for Australia jazz virtuoso, James Morrison. 

Featuring three rotary valves in addition to the traditional handslide, the Shagerl Meister Superbone allows the player to take advantage of the best elements of both a slide and valved mechanism.

Play the Superbone as a slide trombone or as a valve trombone - or mix both together! The unique configuration allows trombonists to combine the smooth legato and ability to ‘smear’ or ‘scoop’ notes that a slide allows, with the crisp articulation and flexibility of valves - all in one musical line!

The Schagerl Superbone provides the artist complete freedom as to what kind of sound and articulation they desire. Put the valves and the slide together and you can play anything! 


Specifications and Finishes below.


"I'm always smiling when I play the Schagerl Superbone because it's so much fun!

James Morrison


Schagerl Meister James Morrison  Superbone

  • Tuning: Bb

  • Bore: 13.33mm

  • Bell: 220mm / Yellow Brass

Capture your style.

The Schagerl Meister James Morrison Superbone is available in four striking finishes:

Raw Brass


Vintage Matte


Clear Lacquer


Vintage Gloss