Meister Wunderhorn Bass Trumpet



The Schagerl Wunderhorn is a unique bass trumpet developed and designed with the great Leonhard Paul from Mnozil Brass.

The Wunderhorn comes in a horizontal rotary model, and an upright/vertical piston model. No matter which playing configuration suits your style, the Wunderhorn Bass Trumpet will impress you with its tonality, intonation, and playability. 


Specifications below.


"It (the Wunderhorn) has a sound that mixes with all brass instruments, harmonises perfectly with a clarinet, fits together beautifully with strings and, as a bass instrument, for example with a harmonica, it is ideal."

- Leonhard Paul (Mnozil Brass)


Schagerl Meister Wunderhorn Bass Trumpet

Available in Vertical or Horizontal configuration

  • Tuning: Bb

  • Bore: 14mm

  • Bell: Gold Brass