Superior PRO 2L Tenor Saxophone


Unbelievable response.

After experimenting with many different configurations and mixes of yellow brass, Schagerl’s craftsmen developed a unique professional saxophone which offers unparalleled response.

The Schagerl Superior PRO Tenor Saxophone is a unique professional saxophone that will shock many people; the altissimo range is effortless, and the ease of playing across the rest of the range needs to be experienced to be believed. The Superior PRO is exceptionally responsive, with a beautiful rich sound capable of both blending and projecting. 

This Schagerl tenor saxophone features a high F# key and boasts a beautiful lacquered finish.

Each PRO 2L tenor sax comes complete with a trekking-style case, mouthpiece, ligature, and maintenance accessories.

Also available in Vintage.


Schagerl Superior PRO 2L Tenor Saxophone with High F# Key

• Product Code: SLT-2L

• Key: Bb

• Includes Mouthpiece & Deluxe Trekking Case

• Lacquered Finish