900S 3-Valve 3/4 Tuba in Eb



This Schagerl 4-valve compact tuba is the best tuba for the advanced student, school band, or ensemble. Designed for intermediate to advanced tubists, the EB900S features a larger bore than its smaller cousin, the EB800S, providing a tremendously rich tone with exceptional power and projection. 

The addition of a fourth valve (in a 3+1 configuration) extends the low register of the instrument, and allows the experienced player more fingering options for adjusting tuning and for fast technical passages. 

Highly durable stainless steel valves provide fast, smooth, and reliable valve action. The moulded ABS case with built-in wheels makes this Schagerl Compact Tuba easy to transport. This is a must-have tuba for any player!

Fall in love with Schagerl.



Schagerl 900S 4-Valve Compact 3/4 Eb Tuba – Silver 

  • Product Code: SLEB900S
  • Key: Eb
  • 4 Stainless Steel Pistons (3+1 Configuration)
  • Large Bore
  • Mouthpiece Included 
  • Moulded ABS Case with Built-In Wheels
  • Silver Plated Finish